About me


Hello, my name is Scott.

Who am I and why am I writing a blog?

So, my name is Scott, I live in London and I’ve decided to start a lifestyle and luxury travel blog.

There's no particular reason or motivation other that I’m sat with some down time on a plane and find it therapeutic to write. Well, type.


I’m a problem solver, it’s in my DNA. My wife is forever telling me to just listen to her and stop giving her solutions for anything we chat about.

My family

Married with three kids, aged nine, eleven and thirteen. Whilst it's an experience having a teenager in the house, the highlight of my day is getting home after work to see them.

I'm a big believer in family time and work/life balance is hard for everybody so I really appreciate and look forward to family holidays.

My businesses

Aside from my mediocre ability to write blogs, I work predominantly in Information Technology freelancing through Cloud Five Solutions.

I also invested in a small drinks distribution company called JDS Trading and am actively involved in growing the business e-commerce platform.

My passion from travel led my to start up Hedonism Travel helping people plan their once-a-lifetime trips, mostly luxury family travel around Europe, the middle east and Las Vegas.

With a plethora of experience in Cyber Security, my newest start up business is called zobi and launching later in 2019.

My inspiration

I'm inspired by business leaders and their stories and love to read about how people overcome failures and become successful. Success for me is about creating something and seeing people enjoy and value it.

How I got into I.T.

University life wasn't really for me and I left early after studying Information Systems for a couple of years. I went to work for the family business in the late nineties training to be a bookkeeper.

Shortly after, the IT Manager resigned and I was pointed towards the server and asked to fix the emails because "I knew about computers".

I built a small server room with Windows NT4 server and my inner geek arose, steering me back towards I.T. - more about my career and side projects in a later post.

Books I'm reading

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

Favourite holiday destinations

Barbados, Maldives, Dubai and Disney Orlando.

Life changing moments

There's the usual: marriage, kids, our first home and more recently when I learnt you can hold down the iPhone space bar to move the cursor.