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Review: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium's exclusive H Club

Review: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium's exclusive H Club

Yesterday I went to the second test event at Tottenham with my eleven-year-old son and youngest daughter, nine. The event was to prepare for their opening first team game at the new stadium, next Wednesday evening against Crystal Palace.

I'd been to the stadium a few times during construction to look at seating options, but nothing could prepare me for the experience I had yesterday.

When: Saturday 30th March 2019, 5.30 pm kick-off
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, NW17, London

What is the H Club

The H Club is the ultimate premium option at Spurs' new stadium except for one, which is unpublished, and I shouldn’t talk about because it's pretty much by-invitation-only and has a price tag north of £100,000 per season.

Limited to 180 seats on the halfway line in the West stand, the H Club is billed as a discerning private members' club.

You get "unprecedented access to players, coaching staff and board meetings."

I’ve been to the Emirates Diamond Club and sorry Ars*nal fans, the H Club blows it away.

Before the season started, members were invited to an evening of Portuguese wine tasting with Pochettino at the training ground in Enfield.

The view

What’s included

  • A pair of halfway line seats on level 4 of the West Stand.

  • One car parking space in the stadium.

  • Private elevator from the basement car park to the H club lobby.

  • The choice of five dining options.

  • Premiership, Domestic cup and European cup games.

  • Executive coach transfer from local train stations.

  • Michelin star quality food.

  • Ticket swap with Tunnel club members.

  • Priority booking for NFL games and music concerts.

  • The man of the match presentation which is done in the H club foyer.

What’s not included

Unicorns or the ability to drive to the stadium without traffic.

The seat

H Club seating

H Club seating

Flanked by private boxes on either side, there are 180 leather H club seats spread across three rows. This was by far the most comfortable I've been at any sports event or concert.

It was chilly last night, so we tried out the heated seats.

You can choose to have a cold, toasty or roasty bottom using the three-way heated seat control and there's also a single USB charging outlet.

The food

For the test event, all members were given a set menu compared to match days where they will be a choice of eatery styles.

We had:

  • Canapes on arrival

  • Crab scone to start

  • Fillet of beef as a main

  • White chocolate and peanut cake for dessert

  • Sausage rolls and chocolate brownies at half time

  • Cheese and biscuits after the match

The food was exquisite, and there was plenty of it.

The dining options

There are five different options available to members of the H club:

  • Option 1 - Brasserie style food

  • Option 2 - Light snacks and sandwiches at Lumiere bar

  • Option 3 - Fine dining

  • Option 4 - Chef's table where you're walked through the meal

  • Option 5 - Players' table for dining with former plays

Wifi and cell signal

Spurs commissioned HPe to install high-density Wifi, and the signal was flawless with some supporters getting up to 20 Mb download speeds.

While not at full capacity, I still had a full signal on Three which was nice considering I lost signal as soon as I got within 100 metres of Wembley.

The new app should launch before the game on Wednesday and includes GPS using Bluetooth beacons to help navigate to your seat or chosen eatery.

The game

This was a great and fun way to see players from my childhood, and Robbie Keane's goal celebration along with Gazza's brief appearance gave us a preview of what matchday atmosphere will be.

What does it cost

Health warning: take a seat before reading this…

If you need to ask, it’s probably the wrong seat for you.

At the time of writing, membership will set you back £30,000 for two seats and a one-time £30,000 joining fee. Plus VAT. So if you want to pick up the last few for next season, check the back of the sofa for £72,000.

In summary

The H Club is different. It's just an incredible experience that feels like the offspring of a 5* boutique hotel and good first-class airport lounge.

Welcome Home: Tottenham's opening game from the H Club

Welcome Home: Tottenham's opening game from the H Club

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