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Review: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tunnel Club

Review: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tunnel Club

Last night I went to the UEFA Champions League match, Spurs vs Manchester City at the incredible Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

This was the second match with the first team playing and what an evening it was. Ignoring the scoreline for a moment, the atmosphere, the food, the noise, the fans, the atmosphere (did I mention that already) was electric and enough to intimidate any opposition.

When: Tuesday 9th April 2019, 8 pm kick-off
Where: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, NW17, London

This was my third time at the stadium since it opened, once for the Legends test game, once for our Premiership win over Crystal Palace and now for the Champions League Quarter Finals.

I still can’t believe I’m writing Spurs, Champions League and Quarters finals in the same sentence.

Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino have done a fantastic job over the years building a world-class stadium and a team that is enjoyable to win and consistently playing good football, most of the time.

A £1bn stadium, £100m lower wages than Ars*nal and the highest profits in the Premier League at £113m.

A good time to be a Spurs fan, a team and stadium we can be proud of, so good in fact that NFL will be using it regularly.

The underground stadium VIP car park

Arriving nearly two and a half hours early to soak up the experience, we drove down White Hart Lane and then past the west atrium entrance, turning into Park Lane for the car park before the roadblocks were in place.

I can’t the the words to explain the excitement as you pass through the security checkpoint and drive down two levels to the VIP blue zone.

The H Club

The H Club an ultra-premium members' club at Spurs' new stadium limited to 180 fans, with Michelin star quality food, heated seats on the halfway line and all for the 'bargain price' of £72,000 in season one and £36,000 for every season renewed.

You won’t find the stereotypical prawn sandwich brigade here. These are real fans.

I say fans because the people I've met there are proper Spurs fans. Standing, singing and shouting like the rest of the ground.

The H Club toilets, possibly the poshest in the stadium.

For dinner, we tried out the H Club brasserie this time, having eat in the fine dining restaurant area previously. I had:

  • Goats coat popcorn, olives and truffle nuts for canapes

  • Beef carpaccio as a cold starter

  • Beef cheek steak for the mains

  • Vanilla cheesecake (all this before kick-off)

  • Salami sausage rolls at half time

  • Individual cheese board and biscuits after the final whistle

  • Some English Breakfast tea (I should have gone for decaf given the late hour!)

You can see more about the H Club in my review here.

The Tunnel Club

This is another members club with 102 leather, heated Recaro style seats immediately behind the Spurs bench. In the dining area, there is one-way glass allowing members to see into the tunnel and you get to walk out of the lounge alongside the players as they walk out of the tunnel.

You can clearly listen into Poch talking tactics with his team, and interact if you really wanted to try. We are all the best managers in the world, aren't we?

The seat, the tunnel and the Steakhouse

These are priced pretty reasonable considering the unique experience and can be picked up for £9,500 per season per seat although they must be bought in pairs and attract a £30,000 joining fee. With the VAT that works out £58,800 in year one and £22,800 for subsequent seasons.

I’ve not been to the tunnel club at Emirates Stadium. Because they don’t have one.

What’s included

  • A pair of halfway line seats on level 1 of the West Stand.

  • One car parking space in the stadium.

  • Private elevator from the basement car park to the ground floor.

  • One dining area designed as a carvery/steak style.

  • Premiership, Domestic cup and European cup games.

  • Executive coach transfer from local train stations.

  • Ticket swap with H club members.

  • Priority booking for NFL games and music concerts.

  • A seat within earshot of the fourth official.

What’s not included

  • The ability to choose substitutions.

  • A cheese room.

The view from The Tunnel Club seats

In summary

The Tunnel Club is different and exciting although I fear the novelty may wear off if you go to every game. I'm happy with my H Club choice but will be swapping with a tunnel club member once or twice a season to get the experience and different perspective. Maybe for the Champions League semi-final home leg.

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